Status of Earthcast

OK M’DUDES, here’s the deal. I’ve come to an abrupt (and last minute, I’m very sorry) decision concerning chapter 90 of Earthcast. I’ve decided to make it the VERY LAST chapter in the story, simply to stop it from dragging out for eons, and as such I won’t be releasing it just yet until I wrap up all my loose ends.

Ok, so your next question is probably: when is that happening? The answer is….. I’m not completely sure. I’ve had a kind of last-minute trip scheduled for this week, making me unexpectedly busy, and there are various other little fun surprises happening to me right now. I hesitate to put on a deadline for the chapter yet not knowing what the heck my schedule is gonna look like for a while. But, I’d like to say it should happen within the month of January. Apologies for the lack of clarity.

I also want to say thank you so much to all my readers for sticking with me- I know that there have been way too many last minute chapter delays and schedule changes and whatnot recently. Without it getting too personal, part of this is an issue with mental health. Earthcast is a story that is very dear to me and is helping me through some of my worse periods, and I hope that it can be the same for many of you, my readers. I am forever grateful to all of those of you who stopped by to give my work a chance. What I write, I consider an extension of myself. When you guys tell me you enjoy it, it’s the best, most affirming kind of compliment I can receive. Thank you all so much.

Delay, delay, delay

Hello, it’s your main dude Koryos here- I was really, REALLY hoping I would have the chapter finished by Monday, but that is not going to happen. It is honestly really hard to say how much writing I am going to get done in this holiday kerfuffle.

I am going to shoot for a chapter to go up the Monday after Thanksgiving (that’s 11/28). Hoping to resume a normal schedule after that… I really hate doing more delays at this point because we are so tantalizingly close to the end of this nearly 400,000-word narrative. I think you guys are gonna like the ending. Just stay with me a little longer and we’ll straggle on through, folks!

On Chapter 73

Due to the lateness of the previous chapter, and the fact that I sort of just realized I am moving (!) in the next week, chapter 73 won’t be up on time either. Wednesday evening is my tentative goal and hopefully after that I can get us back on some semblance of a regular schedule for however many chapters we have left of this story. (Four? Five? Ack!)

As ever, you readers are wonderful patient folks.

Earthcast Part 67 Delayed

So, in an effort to catch up on some sleep (among other things) I’m going to push back the date of release for part 67 until Monday, June 6th. I really was hoping to not have to do any more delays for quite a while, but the quality of the chapter will suffer if I force myself to finish it on time at this point. Don’t despair though- this delay will give me some time to give myself a little lead time on Earthcast again, and hopefully even some time to work on other side projects a little (maybe something on the nonfiction side? hint hint).

As always, readers, thank you for your patience!

Here we go

YES, this is a post saying that Part 60 of Earthcast will be delayed, however: only by one day! That means Tuesday the 12th, folks! It’s happening! I totally have my life together!

(Pour one out for Koryos, kids, that dude’s a hot mess.)

Chapter Delayed (Further)

Hi all, part 58 of Earthcast has been delayed further as I have just moved into my new home and am about to begin my new job- hopefully, once I’m more settled in the updates will become regular again. As ever thank you all for being patient- the chapter will go up as soon as it is complete which I anticipate to be in the next couple days.

– Koryos

Earthcast Chapter Delay/New Schedule

Oh boy, an uncategorized post on Tuesday night- you all know what that means! It’s our friend the chapter delay! Unfortunately, due to a combination of losing my lead time thanks to the hack and my schedule suddenly changing to be a lot busier, I’m having a difficult time finishing the chapters in time for the deadline. So I’m going to give myself a small extension this week and go ahead and say that from now on, Earthcast chapters will be released on Mondays at 10am.

This gives me a little wiggle room with the weekend. Again, I’m sorry for the delay; but hopefully this will let me catch up and breathe a little. Thanks so much for your patience!