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Hi, I’m Koryos, and I love to write. I created this website after I realized I needed my own space to share what I wrote and still own the content. I appreciate any and all feedback you can give me!

Darkeye is a completed webnovel, and you can find more information on it by clicking that little Darkeye tab up in the top menu, or the logo below.

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Earthcast is the second webnovel I completed. Click the banner to find out more!


I also write short stories, which you can find here!

Please feel free to also read my nonfiction articles on topics in biology, which you can access through the little Nonfiction tab above or by clicking on this link!

If you have questions, comments, fanart, et cetera, please contact me at koryoswrites[at]gmail.com. I can also be found on tumblr (where I receive most of the biology-related questions I answer), twitter, and facebook. I also have a patreon.

Check the FAQ if you have more questions!

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  1. love your site, packed with unusual excellent info, found it looking for something on different shaped pupils.

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