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OK M’DUDES, here’s the deal. I’ve come to an abrupt (and last minute, I’m very sorry) decision concerning chapter 90 of Earthcast. I’ve decided to make it the VERY LAST chapter in the story, simply to stop it from dragging out for eons, and as such I won’t be releasing it just yet until I wrap up all my loose ends.

Ok, so your next question is probably: when is that happening? The answer is….. I’m not completely sure. I’ve had a kind of last-minute trip scheduled for this week, making me unexpectedly busy, and there are various other little fun surprises happening to me right now. I hesitate to put on a deadline for the chapter yet not knowing what the heck my schedule is gonna look like for a while. But, I’d like to say it should happen within the month of January. Apologies for the lack of clarity.

I also want to say thank you so much to all my readers for sticking with me- I know that there have been way too many last minute chapter delays and schedule changes and whatnot recently. Without it getting too personal, part of this is an issue with mental health. Earthcast is a story that is very dear to me and is helping me through some of my worse periods, and I hope that it can be the same for many of you, my readers. I am forever grateful to all of those of you who stopped by to give my work a chance. What I write, I consider an extension of myself. When you guys tell me you enjoy it, it’s the best, most affirming kind of compliment I can receive. Thank you all so much.

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  1. NOOooooo 🙁
    I look foward to your story so much each week. I am sad to see you stop but I do understand that things happen and You must take care of YOU!

  2. Take care of yourself, and don’t rush it.
    Earthcast has made me cry, squeal, laugh, and try to quiet all those delighted noises at 2 am, so you’ve satisfied at least one of my measures for a good story. It also helped me cope with lonely holidays, so thank you.

  3. firstly: no. noo. nooo

    more seriously, since I’ve started reading this it’s been the most regularly updating web serial I’ve ever read, the exceptions being ones that were completed in advance like a traditional novel but released one chapter at a time. you’ve done really well.

    this story has been a really wonderful part of my life during a time when my life has not been going so well for a while so thank you so much for sharing this story with us.

  4. As you might or might not have deduced I have raced through the Earthcast archives over the last week. I am aghast that I ever swept my eye over the link and said to myself “eh, whatever”. I apologize for surely it is this foolish past-self’s decision that somehow somewhere on some ineffable meta-level Rube Goldbergued unkarmically into causing your situation.

    On the other hand, a thousand gratitudes that you wrote this, and that you posted it online for all to read, and that someone else also talked about loving Earthcast so that I could be sufficiently booted in the rear to give it a try. I know it is the lot of the fan to think the world of what they love, so perhaps it isn’t very meaningful for me to say such things, but I do read a LOT and I can say with certainty that this is a richer and better-steered story than many which have been traditionally-published — and that you deserve at least that much in the way of pretty covers and wider exposure.

  5. Hmmm, the last chapter eh. Well, it’ll be a pity not to join our heroines on their journey to (hopefully) domesticity, but I suppose we’ve just about reached the end of the actual story promised in chapter one. Hopefully the final chapter will be a pleasant send-off in the end!

  6. Cautionary tale. Another serial I used to follow, Unlockable Content. Updated consistently for years, wonderful story. Eventually announced next post would be the last, wrapping up the series (protests from readers). Changed mind, would do one more arc, but needed time to deal with some RL stuff first. Months passed, then a year. Radio silence. I’d hate to see that happen to Earthcast!

  7. Hope things are still going well! Can’t imagine it’s easy trying to wrap up a story this long in one chapter.

  8. I keep checking back now and then because I’m curious what chapter 90 has in store, because I loved this story so god damn much, but honestly I feel like chapter 89 was a satisfying ending. If you just ignore the final little cliffhanger and the one other time this ominous new shadow monster was mentioned a chapter or two before, then every long standing plot line has been resolved to my satisfaction. What the future holds for these characters is up in the air, but that’s true of any good ending, and the primary feeling I’m left with is one of heartwarming optimism; that whatever they choose to do next, wherever they choose to go, Kezia and Gabi love each other, and GAAAH THE FEELS

    That said, if chapter 90 comes and the shadow monster turns out to tie back into the larger story in some genius way that has me going “OH SHIT- WHAAA?!?” I certainly won’t complain.

    Either way, this has been one of my favorite stories of all time.
    Thank you Koryos. I really hope you’re ok.

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