Delay, delay, delay

Hello, it’s your main dude Koryos here- I was really, REALLY hoping I would have the chapter finished by Monday, but that is not going to happen. It is honestly really hard to say how much writing I am going to get done in this holiday kerfuffle.

I am going to shoot for a chapter to go up the Monday after Thanksgiving (that’s 11/28). Hoping to resume a normal schedule after that… I really hate doing more delays at this point because we are so tantalizingly close to the end of this nearly 400,000-word narrative. I think you guys are gonna like the ending. Just stay with me a little longer and we’ll straggle on through, folks!

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Writer, ethology enthusiast, axolotl herder. Might possibly just be a Lasiurus cinereus that types with its thumbs.
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  1. It’s worth waiting for!

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