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  1. I was a little red bird…
  2. There is a problem with free will.
  3. This was most certainly not an ordinary horse.
  4. It’d be like thrashing a dead dog.
  5. But was I not Kezia?
  6. I do not like that noise.
  7. Why should children feel ashamed?
  8. My dreams dripped at the edges.
  9. For blood and breath.
  10. I died everywhere.
  11. You look pretty helpless to me.
  12. I should have been more careful.
  13. She woke in the autumn, and her hair was red!
  14. How can you harm a golem?
  15. There are some things that I can do.
  16. A witch that isn’t very smart.
  17. Devouring.
  18. These trees are gravestones.
  19. A parasite.
  20. She could have ridden a rabbit.
  21. Lying was easy.
  22. Hungry, hungry, hungry.
  23. It doesn’t have to be a long look.
  24. Never become a thing like you.
  25. What does indolent mean?
  26. Perfectly harmless and perfectly deadly.
  27. Some of it was hers.
  28. It does not snow in the summer.
  29. Exchanges.
  30. The wind will blow many seeds…
  31. A dreadful curve.
  32. Truth is life.
  33. Dark, wet, simmering dreams.
  34. Regrettable.
  35. A black horse to catch.
  36. SUFFER.
  37. Keep dancing until the music stops.
  38. A vampire in the garden.
  39. Her bones.
  40. The wildness trickles out from the wounds.
  41. Blood for blood.
  42. I want you to eat.
  43. You can’t cry without eyes.
  44. Not wicked.
  45. These were the sort of things that turned women into witches.
  46. Another nightmare.
  47. Gardening.
  48. A little bit frightening.
  49. Too fragile a promise.
  50. A tree.
  51. Nearly good.
  52. No answer.
  53. It has teeth now.
  54. What was there here to frighten me?
  55. Three bright lines converging.
  56. I can’t seem to help it.
  57. Bind the wound.
  58. I wanted for nothing.
  59. Darker blood.
  60. Strong, simple convictions.
  61. Two little heartbeats.
  62. You wicked creature.
  63. I’ll stick in your throat.
  64. The great changer.
  65. I am like a poison.
  66. Acquired.
  67. Golem.
  68. Mad or desperate.
  69. That all belonged to me.
  70. Close behind.
  71. Not one damned mark on you.
  72. The roots.
  73. Breathe.
  74. It’s the anticipation.
  75. Skin.
  76. Drunk on death.
  77. I want to obey.
  78. The air around me.
  79. Don’t touch.
  80. They burned it down.
  81. I would not wish to leave you alone again.
  82. You’ll rejoice.
  83. Am I freed?
  84. Smoke.
  85. Averting fate.
  86. Look at us.
  87. Can’t rush food.
  88. Monsters do not knock.
  89. Snow.
  90. Is it really a sacrifice?

(Banner art by the talented coffeetastic.)


  1. Quixotic Neurosis

    Just binge read up to the present! Everything is so amazing and reading your writing makes me happy. Your characters are super awesome and everything is great. Super excited to read more.

  2. This book is so phenomenal – just caught up! I had no idea it was ongoing, can’t wait for the next couple updates. You are SO talented, it’s mind-blowing. Recommending to all my friends!

  3. I have enjoyed reading this so much. You are fantastic and I simply can’t wait for the next chapter.

  4. I’ve been slowly reading this for months, and now I’m finally caught up. I really enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to reading the end as it comes out.

  5. Parts 87 and 88 aren’t on the archives yet, although they’re adorable.
    I very much appreciate your story. It seems very well organized.

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