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In order to protect the child Tareq from murderous painted dogs, Mhumhi and his sister Kutta have fled Wild Dog City for the endless desert. They are searching for the so-called forbidden place- a building where all the remaining human secrets are locked away. The answers to everything that happened to make Wild Dog City what it is.

But they are being pursued, and no place is a safe haven for very long.

Between their pursuers and the hopeless quest of keeping Tareq alive, Mhumhi begins to feel his spirit finally breaking. When a new group comes upon the scene- the gray pack, a clan of coyotes and jackals that believe that all species should be united- Mhumhi finds his new bitterness clashing with their ideals. And then someone unexpected asks for his aid: Hlolwa, the leader of the painted dogs, who is carrying her own terrible secret.

Torn between his loyalty to his family and his new fascination with Hlolwa, Mhumhi realizes that he will again have to make a difficult choice. For he now knows that there are some barriers even the greatest powers cannot overcome…

Includes an extended preview of the upcoming prequel to the Darkeye series!


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A Scene from Speak, Dog

As many of you know, I am currently preparing a collection of short stories set in the same universe as the Darkeye series. This includes a short novella called Speak, Dog that takes place many years before the events that occur in Wild Dog City.

Once upon a time there was a city with an endless supply of food, where science was celebrated and the most popular pet was a thinking, talking dog. But the image of this perfect pet is shattered when a dog kills its owner and for the first time ever, asks for a fair trial.

Zeki, a teenage boy, and his dog Tesem are shocked by the news of the trial. But they have no idea what the repercussions are going to be like when a new rule of law takes over the city as people begin to fear their dogs, straining their friendship to the limit.

Meanwhile, Angari, a streetwise Basenji, inadvertently stumbles onto some startling information while carrying out her own investigation of the murder: the time of limitless food is coming to an end, and the humans are discussing a new, alternative source of meat. This knowledge comes with a price- on her head.

When the dark truth about the murder trial comes out, it rattles the city’s population to its core. What is the right place for animals with human intelligence in a city that can no longer support its swelling population? As Zeki, Tesem, and Angari struggle to find their own answers, a final player enters the scene: a cagebound, nameless wild dog.

In this short scene, Angari- who runs her own version of a dog social work slash detective agency-  is approached by a friend and former client named Atlas about a shocking murder.

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Darkeye Volume Two: ANIMAL WORDS


Darkeye Volume Two: Animal Words, is now available to purchase!

Mhumhi, a young painted dog, has always been certain of one thing: that the dogs rule the city, and that the few remaining humans are helpless against them. When his unconventional pack took in two small children, however, he didn’t realize that everything he thought he knew was about to be unraveled.

Mhumhi and his children are captured and taken below the city by the mysterious bouda, a group of humans with strange ties to spotted hyenas. These humans are not helpless: in fact, they threaten to upset the balance of power between dogs and humans.

But Mhumhi has more than that to worry about. Soon he will have to make a choice- should he continue to make his human children a part of his dangerous life, or should he entrust them back to their own kind?

He’ll have to decide fast, because as the city’s food supply dwindles, darker machinations are beginning to stir, and to escape them Mhumhi and his pack may have to go beyond the city for the first time.

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